How Much Do You Cost On the Black Market?

The information many Americans have come to view as sacred, private components of their personal and financial security is increasingly available to criminals and U.S. adversaries on the thriving underground black market. Criminals most commonly obtain personal information through cyber intrusions and technical compromise.

To the right is the current price list* for obtaining specific elements of your personal information on the black market. Your social security number, at $3, is less expensive than a McDonalds Happy Meal. That's a decline for cyber criminals, as last year the average cost of obtaining a U.S. Social Security Number was $5.

Black Market Price List*

Name and Password for your online bank account $1000
Mag-stripe data from a "secure" premium-level credit card $80
Your Mother's Maiden Name $6
Your Social Security Number $3

* Prices reflect the latest sample quotes according to, RSA, a security firm. Black market prices were originally published in the June 2011 issue of Consumer Reports.